We pride ourselves in our ability to create a warm and friendly atmosphere in our Hotel. Therefore we ask you to keep to these simple rules:

  1. We work 24/7
  2. When checking-in you must present your id
  3. Guests without id won’t be permitted into the hotel
  4. We reserve the right to refuse guests because of inappropriate behavior or conditions (e.g. the state of alcoholic intoxication)
  5. Foreign citizens who had crossed the border more than 7 days prior are to present the registration from the previous place of residence
  6. We require full prepayment for the first day of your stay or for the whole stay
  7. Check-in is at 2 p.m. Check-out is at 12 p.m.
  8. Late check-out (till 6 p.m.) – hourly pay

    Late check-out (till 11 p.m.) – half of the payment for one day

    Late check-out (after 11 p.m.) – the full payment for one day

  9. It is possible to prolong your stay only in case the required room is available. Another available room may be offered instead.
  10. If your stay is to be interrupted please inform the receptionist no less then one day prior. In this case you will be given a refund. Otherwise no money will be refunded.
  11. If you are on business and require VAT invoice, you should present the name of your company, main domicile and de facto address, TIN/RRC
  12. Our manager informs all the guests about rules of our Guest House and regulations of fire safety.
  13. It is strictly forbidden to invite strangers to the Guest House, hand over the key and leave the doors unlocked.
  14. Please, follow the regulations of fire safety.
  15. Do not keep inflammable substances, weapon, chemicals and radioactive material in your room.
  16. It is forbidden to use electric heater in the room.
  17. Smoking in the Guest House is not allowed. Penalty 3000 rubles.
  18. Leaving the room, please shut the windows, switch off the light and household equipment.
  19. Please do not disturb other guests, observe silence and order. Riot after 11 p.m. is considered as an administrative violation and subjects to fine (500 rubles)
  20. We recommend you to keep valuables and documents in safe deposit. The Guest House is not responsible for belongings left without attendance.
  21. Check-out procedure
  • - Check-in the key only to the administrator
  • - All the extra paid services are to be paid directly to the administrator

Please take care of all the belongings and equipment of our Guest House. In case of any damage or loss compensation will be claimed.

In case of non-implementation of these regulations we reserve the right to refuse guests without any refund.

Following services are free of charge (if required):

  • - Ambulance call-out
  • - Using of the med kit
  • - Delivery of your mail to your room
  • - Wake-up call